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Cross the odd one out

Dear Lisa

Dear Lisa,

My name is Sally. I'm your new pen friend. I'm twelve years old and I'm from Manchester. I've got blond hair and black eyes. There are five people in my family. There's my mum, my dad, my sister Helen and my brother Douglas.

We all go to the same school. My school isn't big. I really like school. We have English and Maths every day but my favourite subject is Science. I love it! We have Science on Tuesday morning and on Thursday afternoon. Mr Potter is my favourite teacher. He teaches Science.

What's your favourite subject

Please write soon,


1.How old is Sally?20  12  11  
2.Where's she from?London  Liverpool  Manchester  
3.Sally hasOne sister and one brother  Two brothers  Two sisters  
4.Is Sally's school big?Yes, it is.  No, it isnt.  No, there isnt.  
5.Her favourite subject isScience  Maths  English  
6.When is English?On Monday  Every day  January 5th  




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